Interface Builder FAQs

Interface Builder FAQs

  • What is an interface?

    • In saVRee's terns, an interface is a the interactive viewer surrounding your 3D model. This can include PDFs, images, videos, or external links that are all within the same iframe of your 3D model.

  • Can I embed my 3D Interface onto an LMS or external website?

    • Yes, simply copy the Embed code snippet from your interface and paste it into your LMS or website.

  • I now have an Interface Builder subscription, what now?

    • Quick-start instructions on how to use the Interface Builder:

      • Click on Members Area, located at the top header.

      • Select 3D Viewer Settings and set up your company colors and logo. (Note: These settings are global and will be reflected in all of your 3D models viewed on saVRee.)

      • Go back to the Members Area

      • Select Interface Builder and set up a model, either from saVRee's model list or use your own by copying in the Sketchfab UID.

  • Can I distribute my interfaces to external websites?

    • Yes, using the embed code snippet.

  • Can I record a video or take screen captures of my 3D interface from saVRee?

    • Yes but within reason; you may make video recordings or take screen capture images of the Interfaces you create on saVRee, but this should not be the focus of how your IB license is used. If you wish to post screen recorded videos on YouTube, please contact us first.

  • Can I cancel my Interface Builder subscription?

    • Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Please note, once the subscription is canceled, you will no longer have access to the interfaces you have created on your account and any embedded interfaces will become inactive.

  • Can I downgrade or upgrade my license?

    • Yes, you can opt to move to one of our other subscriptions at any time.

  • Is the video library (video courses and lessons etc.) included with IB?

    • At the moment, no, but we are looking at how to incorporate this into IB. Whole courses will not be included with IB, but individual video lessons will be.

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